Saturday, October 12, 2013

The swim

7:35: The women are out on the bike leg too. Sofie was out of the water in 20th position. With a time of 58:56, she is 5 minutes behind fastest swimmer Haley Chura (53:55).

7:35: Bart has wrapped up the swim. He was the 42nd pro man out of the water, clocking in at 57:26. This means he is about 6 and a half minutes behind the lead group.

7:25: The lead men are out of the water. A good swim from Axel and Bert, who were part of the lead group in 14th (51:11) and 20th (51:15) position respectively. They are just seconds behind fastest swimmer Marsh (50:51).

7:00: As Marsh takes over the lead from Jacobs, Bert is in excellent position, currently in 6th in the lead group.

6:45: Flying the Belgian flag...

6:44: Pete Jacobs leads the swim, but Axel is right there in the mix, currently swimming in fourth position. The lead group also includes Ivan Rana, Clayton Fettell, Brandon Marsh, Bevan Docherty, Frederik Van Lierde and Timothy O'Donnell. Luke Bell, Dirk Bockel and Luke McKenzie are close behind.

6:35: And the pro women are now in the water too. Go Sofie!

6:30: And they're off! The pro men, including our Bart Aernouts, Bert Jammaer and Axel Zeebroek have kicked off the 2013 Ironman Hawaii!

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