Sunday, October 13, 2013

The marathon

17:25: At last, we have a final result for Bert and Sofie. Sofie was the 19th pro woman, clocking in at 09:36:38. Bert has finished as the 40th pro man with a time of 09:40:39. It was a tough, tough day for Bert, who was just released from the medical tent.

16:15: The team reports that both Bert and Sofie have finished. We're still trying to get confirmation on their time and place.

15:55: On a not-so-sidenote, Bart recorded a 02:44:03 marathon. How is that for lighting fast? Looks like the fastest run of the day.

15:52: It's a 35th place finish among the pro men for Axel Zeebroek, who wraps up a tough 09:15:16-day.

15:44: They must be suffering... Last splits have Axel and Bert running in 29th and 31st position respectively.

15:41: Liz Blatchford completes the podium. Meanwhile Sofie is now running in 18th position.

15:34: Mirinda Carfrae is the 2013 Ironman Hawaii women's champion. She clocks in at 08:52:14. What a run! Rachel Joyce takes second place.

15:19: Frederik Van Lierde, 2013 Ironman world champion.

15:13: Looking for the other Uplace-athletes... At the 17.7 mile mark, Sofie was in 17th position in a women's race led by Carfrae. Axel was in 29th position after 22.3 miles. Bert was 31st after 19 miles.

15:02: Official top-8:
1. 8:12:29 - Frederik Van Lierde
2. 8:15:19 - Luke McKenzie
3. 8:19:24 - Sebastian Kienle
4. 8:21:46 - James Cunnama
5. 8:22:25 - Tim O'Donnell
6. 8:23:43 - Ivan Rana
7. 8:24:09 - Tyler Butterfield
8. 8:25:38 - Bart Aernouts

14:58: Bart Aernouts runs his way to 8th place with a superfast marathon in only his second Ironman Hawaii! Congratulations, Bart!

14:50: McKenzie and Kienle round out the podium. Meanwhile, the last splits have Bart in 9th position!

14:46: He was in it to win it! Frederik Van Lierde wins the 2013 Ironman Hawaii. What a day for Belgian triathlon as a second Van Lierde wins the greatest of all races. Congratulations, Frederik!

14:30: How's this for an exciting run for the Belgians?! As Frederik Van Lierde is running his way to the victory, Bart has cracked the top-10. Meanwhile, Axel has fought his way back to 24th. Bert seems struggling in 33rd. On the women's side, looks like Sofie has moved up to 16th place.

13:58: Bart continues his drive forward as he passes the 16.4 mark. He is now in 13th position. Bert and Axel have passed the 13.1 mile mark in 27th and 28th position. Sofie is hanging on to 17th.

13:50: We have a new leader: Frederik Van Lierde. Can we celebrate a new Belgian victory? The last Belgian winner was Luc Van Lierde in 1999. This year Frederik started working with Luc. A success story?

13:40: Bad news. The team alongside the course reports that Bert is feeling dizzy and sick to his stomach.

13:35: As Frederik Van Lierde has moved into second position and makes a play for the win (he has 2 minutes to make up), Bart has moved into 15th position. Bert and Axel seem to be having a tough run. They are in 25th and 28th position respectively. Sofie is still in 17th position.

13:30: More pictures from the run course:

13:20: Our team on the course reports that Bart on the climb to Palani was in 20th position, 1:15 from a top-15 spot. He has Alexander in his sights.

13:16: The first marathon pictures are in:

13:11: We're 7.3 miles into the men's run. Bert is now in 20th position, Bart is in 23rd and Axel in 28th as McKenzie continues to lead and Frederik Van Lierde is running in third position. Meanwhile, Sofie has moved up a spot to 17th position after 3 miles in the women's race.

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