Saturday, October 12, 2013

The bike leg

13:00: We wrap up the bike leg with a few more pictures sent in by David Pintens:

12:51: Sofie into T2 in 18th position after a race time of 06:12:57. She trailed Kessler by 21 minutes. On to the marathon!

12:30: The leading pro women are done with the bike leg, which means we wait for Sofie to roll in. Meredith Kessler was the first woman into T2, closely followed by Joyce, Swallow and Vesterby.

12:15: And there we have Axel. After a race time of 05:40:41, he is out on the run course in 27th position.

12:08: Bert wraps up the bike leg in 15th position after 05:33:29 of racing. He is 19 minutes behind Starykowicz. Bart is out on the run too, in 26th position and a race time of 04:39:46.

11:52: The men are on to the marthon. Andrew Starykowicz wraps up the bike leg after a 5:14:42 race time. McKenzie is 1 minute behind; Kienle finished in 3rd, 4 minutes behind. Frederik Van Lierde rides into T2 in fourth place a few seconds behind. Go Belgium!

11:39: Mile 90 (W): Sofie hangs in there! She is currently in 16th position, 14 minutes behind race leader Rachel Joyce.

11:00: Mile 90 (M): Since the last update, Luke McKenzie overtook the lead and then lost it again to Starykowicz (04:14:02). Kienle is in third, a minute behind. In fourth place: Frederik Van Lierde at 2:39. Bert (04:24:37) trails by 10 minutes in 18th position, while Axel (04:29:00) is in 26th at 15 minutes. Bart is right behind him in 27th position at 04:29:55.

10:53: Mile 75 (W): Sofie is riding in 17th position. With a total race time of 04:13:29, she trails by 12 minutes.

10:44: Mile 60 (W): Sofie (03:34:42) holds on to the 18th position as Kessler (03:25:41) continues to lead a large group of women including Joyce, Cave and Steffen.

10:27: Mile 75 (M): Starykowicz (03:37:59) sees his lead on McKenzie drop to 50 seconds. Bert (03:45:31) is now in 17th position at 7:30. Axel (03:50:40) is riding in 25th position at 12 minutes. Bart (03:52:14) is currently 30th at 14 minutes.

10:20: Pictures from photographer David Pintens of the green team out on the race course.

10:10: Mile 60 (W): Kessler (03:25:41) continues to lead. Sofie is in 18th position at 03:34:42, which means she is 9 minutes behind.

9:55: Hawi (M): At the turnaround point in Hawi, the chase group behind Starykowicz has broken up a bit. Bert is now in 21st position in a group with Marsh and Rana, five minutes behind. Axel is in 27th position at 10 minutes. Bart is not far behind him at almost 13 minutes in a groep with Raelert and Schildknecht.

9:33: Mile 45 (W): Steffen makes her move within the lead group of ten. Sofie is at 7 minutes in 18th position.

9:10: Mile 45 (M): Andrew Starykowicz (02:29:12) still has a 2 and a half minute lead on a large chase group lead by Sebastian Kienle that also includes Frederik Van Lierde and Bert (02:32:00), looking very comfortable. Axel is currently in 25th position at 02:35:56. Bart is in 37th position at 02:39:08.

9:04: Our team along the course reports that Bert is looking good in 10th position. On to Hawi!

8:55: Mile 30 (W): The lead group of 10 with Stevens, Kessler and Steffen now has 1:35 on Marsh and then a group of three with Carfrae, Beranek, Ellis at 4 minutes. Behind them, Sofie and Snow are at 5:45 and 5:47 respectively.

8:52: Mile 36 (M): According to "New movers towards the front include Bert Jammaer, Ben Hoffman, Frederik Van Lierde and Craig Alexander and Brandon Marsh."

8:50: Mile 30 (M): Bart (2:03:51) now in 39th position, almost 9 minutes down from Starykowicz.

8:35: Mile 30 (M): Starykowicz (1:55:06) increases his lead to a large chase group more than 2 minutes behind that still includes Frederik Van Lierde and Bert (1:57:54). Axel has fallen behind a bit. With 1:59:08, he is just about 4 minutes behind Starykowicz.

8:14: Mile 11 (W): Michelle Versterby has taken the lead with Swallow, Kessler, Cave, Stevens, Keat, Crawford, Steffen, Blatchford and Joyce right behind. Sofie is in a chase group 5 minutes behind that includes Carfrae and Ellis.

8:05: Mile 11 (M): As Starykowicz (1:14:50) powers on in first, Bert and Axel are still part of the chase group at about a minute. Bert is in 12th (1:15:53) and Axel is in 20th position (1:16:09). Bart is now in 40th position with a time of 1:22:25.

7:55:  Mile 7.4 (W): As Meredith Kessler takes the lead, Sofie has moved up to 17th position, still trailing by close to 5 minutes.

7:45: Mile 7.4 (M): Andrew Starykowicz has moved to the front in the bike leg in front of Jacobs. A big chase group is about a minute behind. It includes Bert in 12th position (0:59 behind) and Axel in 21st position (1:10 behind).

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